Visa Application Process:
  1. Choose the appropriate type of visa, duration of stay and type of entry
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the application form and continue to pay for the visa
  3. Collect the supporting documents
  4. Pay the Repatriation fee for first time travellers or Administration fee for a business visa
  5. Submit at the Mission and collect the passport
  6. Additional Requirements for Journalists
In addition to the existing requirements for visas, applicants must satisfy the following:
  • Applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation/undertaking full responsibility for applicants from the Organisation/Media they represent.
  • Each application should be accompanied by two most recent passport-size photographs of the applicant
  • Applications should be forwarded with detailed list of equipment for use in Nigeria through e-mail or by fax to the External Publicity Department, federal Ministry of Information at least four weeks before intended day of departure.
  • Submission Of Application
    All Applications must be submitted through the Information Section(s) of Nigeria Diplomatic/Consular posts for onward transmission to the Federal Ministry of Information, Abuja. Registration could also be done online at
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